Our team of programmers has worked side by side with food service distribution professionals with the simple goal of creating a better product for you.


Dakota FS-WMS

The Dakota Series is a real time, standalone/bolt-on warehouse management system, specifically designed for foodservice distributors.



TruckBuilder® is a unique method developed for BFC’s Dakota Series Software which allows total control for building pallets with a custom pick by route and proper loading and positioning of pallets within the truck trailer.

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Dakota Cloud

Available now to everyone, Dakota Cloud is the right choice. Whether you have a paper based manual system or a full blown WMS, Dakota Cloud’s unique functionality is available!

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Product Control Module

BFC has developed a HACCP application, the Product Control Module, that is flexible and allows you to determine how little or much information you need. From Vendor level through Category Level to Item Level you can effectively manage the information gathering process.


Equipment Tracking

The Equipment Tracking application allows equipment to be checked in and out electronically, providing greater accountability and transparency of usage.

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The Trax© Perfect Order Delivery System provides drivers with total control of deliveries and returns.

SRX2 Headsets
Vocollect’s newest wireless headset built for the Distribution Center environment.

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