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Advanced TruckBuilder®

Same great features as TruckBuilder® with excellent added benefits


Trax©2 Perfect Order Delivery System

Total Control of Deliveries & Returns in Real Time


Dakota Production

Dakota Series

The Dakota Series is a real time, bolt on/standalone warehouse management system designed for Foodservice distributors.


Same great TruckBuilder® features with added benefits, such as loading multiple pallets on a truck and user-defined settings to name a few.

Trax© 2.0

Our Perfect Order Delivery System provides data traceability via dashboards in the warehouse and drivers with total control of deliveries & returns all in real time.


Product Control Module (PCM) is designed for assisting in capturing HACCP information. PCM is flexible, allowing you to control the amount of information collected.

Dakota Cloud

Dakota Series can now be run from the Cloud. Whether you just need TruckBuilder® or a full WMS, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud.

Dakota Production

This fully integrated module provides complete traceability & cold chain integrity from raw materials to complete products, including all necessary checks & balances to easily manage today’s recall processes.


TruckBuilder® is a unique method developed for BFC’s Dakota Series WMS which allows complete pallet and load optimization with total control of pallet building and pallet placement within the truck trailer.

Vocollect Hardware

Newest Vocollect products built for the Distribution Center environment.

Equipment Tracking

BFC’s Equipment Tracking application allows equipment to be checked in and out electronically, provides greater accountability and transparency of usage, and can track repair history as well as generate OSHA safety logs.

Dakota Voice

Dakota Voice aims to make your selectors more productive and reduce mispicks.

Continually Enhancing Our Products

Our team of programmers has worked side by side with Foodservice distribution professionals with the simple goal of creating a better product for you.

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