Return on Investment

As one of our clients said, “if you can’t make me money we don’t have a lot to talk about.” Dakota Series  will maximize your return on investment through:

  • Improved receiving practices
  • Faster more accurate receiving
  • Faster put away
  • Faster more accurate replenishment


  • TruckBuilder© provides more flexible pallet and truck building to make selectors, loaders and drivers more productive
  • Pallet maps help loaders and drivers
  • Dakota Voice provides better more consistent selection
  • Dakota Voice is typically improves accuracy by a factor of 10
  • Dakota Voice provides better control and accuracy for catch weights
  • Dakota Voice eliminates keying of catch weights

Inventory Control

  • Greater inventory accuracy means lower inventory levels as buyers eliminate high levels of safety stock
  • Accurate inventory control means fewer stock outs
  • More accurate selection means higher customer service levels

Example of $20,000,000 Foodservice Distributor

Sales 20,000,000
Case Cost 21.00
Selling Price 24
Cases 842,105
Cases per pallet 20
Pallets 42,105
Hourly Rate 12.83
Fringe 30%
Loaded Rate 16.68
What if You…

Improved recieving practices at 2min./pallet 23,409
Improved recieving accuracy at 10 short cases recieved/week 10,920
Improved putaway productivity from 10/hour to 18/hour 31,212
Improved replenishment productivity from 10 to 18 31,212
Improved date rotation and lost product at 5cases/week 5,460,
Eliminated one wall to wall inventory at 10 teams, 16 hours 5,337
Inventory accuracy eliminating “warehouse out” 5 cases per selection shift 21,683
Selection using pallet building with TruckBuilder® current 60pcs to min 100pcs 93,636
A combined savings potential of… $222,870