Dakota Series

The Dakota Series is a real time, bolt on/standalone warehouse management system, specifically designed for Foodservice distributors. The system supports both scanning and voice technology in any combination. From receiving with our unique Product Control Module through put away, replenishment, inventory control and one of a kind, custom selection by route featuring TruckBuilder®, we manage the complete warehouse. When coupled with Trax©2, our off the truck scanning system, Dakota provides full compliance and traceability from receiving through operator delivery.

  • WMS
  • Radio Frequency TruckBuilder® 
  • Employee Productivity Module


The Dakota Series is designed for use with any type of slotting system:

  • Fixed
  • Floating
  • PIR (Fixed and/or Floating)
  • Push Back
  • Case Flow

Every warehouse function is controlled within the Dakota Series including:

  • Selection
  • Put Away
  • Replenishment
  • Slot Control

The Dakota Difference:

We are different from systems developed for automotive or retail operations, where typically higher margins and lower turns create an entirely different environment. The Dakota Series' primary focus is on your business needs and the need to satisfy your customers.

The Dakota Series utilizes tables and slot definitions to provide greater flexibility for our clients. With user-defined options, the Dakota Series will grow as you grow and continue to meet changing market conditions.

Dakota Series Applications:

Take full advantage of the Dakota Series technology with the following added features:

  • Applications Designed for Food Distribution
  • TruckBuilder® or Advanced TruckBuilder® 
  • Dakota Voice Solutions
  • Dakota Traceability
  • Dakota Runners Module
  • Dakota Loader Module
  • Dakota Production Control
  • Dakota Product Control Module
  • Dakota Employee Productivity Module
  • Trax©2 Perfect Order Delivery
  • Equipment Tracking

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