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SelectPrime is an RF Selection, Android based voice directed selection application, providing voice directed commands where the system will guide the Selector through the picking process but the Operator is not required to issue any voice commands, eliminating voice recognition issues.

Multi &single route modes (11)
Multi &single route modes (10)
Multi &single route modes (8)
Multi &single route modes (13)


  • Improve Accuracy

  • Reduction in Mispicks

  • Scan GS1 Barcodes for UCI Tracked Items to Capture Weight, Date, and Lot Information for Traceability

  • Hands Free Operation

  • Easy Training for New Selectors

  • Eliminate Time to Train Words, Load Operator, Load Task,etc.


  • Easy User Interface

  • Designed for Android Devices

  • Voice Directed Commands

  • Touch Screen or Scan Barcode Options Available

Compatible Hardware

  • WT6000 by Zebra

  • WT6300 by Zebra

  • RS5000 Ring Scanner by Zebra

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