Trax© 2.0

    The BFC Trax© 2.0 Perfect Order Delivery System provides drivers with total control of deliveries and returns. The Trax© 2.0 program provides the following advantages:

    • Easy User Interface
    • Deliver Products Faster
    • Direct Interface to BFC’s Dakota Series WMS System
    • Interfaces to ERP systems using XML interface capabilities
    • Deliveries in Stop Sequence
    • Warehouse can Assign Drivers Specific Routes
    • Move Products from Undelivered Status to Delivered or Returned Status
    • Easily View Item Traceability -- Ex. Recall Processing
    • Move Products to Return Status, as Needed
    • Returns Downloaded to Dakota Series WMS System
    • Track Scanning & Accuracy of Delivery Times & Driver Productivity
    • Eliminate Paper Delivery Tickets with All Delivery Stop Information on Mobile Device for Drivers
    • With point & click and scanning options, gives improvement in accuracy and the time and labor of manual data entry
    • Provides Drivers with Special Stop Instructions
    • Drivers can Obtain Electronic Acknowledgement of Order Receipt with Proof of Delivery Signature on Mobile devices
    • Print Customer Receipt when Proof of Delivery is combined with Receipt Printing (V2)
    • Allocates Each Order to a Route
    • Displays Prioritized Orders on Mobile Device in a List
    • Minimizes Missing/Undelivered Items with Precise Date/Time Documentation to Help Elevate Customer Support Issues
    • GUI Reports to Rate Driver Performance

    V2 Advantages:

    • Real Time Data Updates
    • Stop Level Configuration
    • Merge Multiple Routes on Device
    • Android Hardware
    • Pictures Associated with Returned Items
    • WEB Dashboard of Driver/Route Progress
    • GPS Capabilities for Device (or Truck) Tracking
    • Voice or Speech Error/Alert/Warning Messages

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