Magliner Pallets

Faster, Easier Delivery (30 - 90 minutes per route)

Designed Specifically for Food Distribution to Optimize Selection Process

New Enhancements

  • Allows 3 – 9 pallets across
  • Multiple pallets in a single pallet location
  • Option to mix items from different zones into a single pallet
  • Allows moving a pallet to an empty overflow section.
  • Maximum weight option for a zone
  • GUI truck layout grid with drag & drop ease
  • Individual user-defined settings saved to device

TruckBuilder® Features

  • Designed for Dakota Voice providing exceptional error rates
  • Know how the truck should look before selection starts
  • Know the way the pallet should be built
  • Know what pallet the product is on
  • Reduce selectors time
  • Reduce loader time
  • Reduce driver time
  • Higher customer service levels

Items from Different Zones on Single Pallet

Instead of keeping the DRY and REF pallets separate, the items would be mixed on the same pallet, same transaction.

TB Settings

Individual User-Defined Settings

Settings, such as font size, colors and item sorting options, are saved to the device and used during subsequent sessions.

Next Steps...

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