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"We looked at every WMS option on the market.  We selected BFC because we liked the software, heard good things about the service, and they understood our business..."      - Ledyard

"We believe voice selection was where we could get the best return on our investment - It has exceeded our expectations... this was by far the easiest implementation of technology we have ever completed."     - Cityline

"We've been with BFC for almost four years and they just keep helping make us money. That was our criteria for a successful implementation! ...we do not have a 9-5 operation, the people at BFC know this and are as committed as we are to our customers."     - West Side Foods

"I always assumed that the return on investment would take a couple of years...but we are already saving oney ... Plus, it enhances our image with our customers"     - Birite Foodservice

Our Approach

At BFC, we have been designing software solutions specifically for Food Distribution for over 25 years. Our team of associates has worked side by side with foodservice distribution professionals with the simple goal of creating a better product for you. We understand the demands of the foodservice industry and have designed and developed our products to meet these demands. We continually update and improve our solutions to meet the changing environment of the foodservice distribution industry. Our motto is "We work when you work!" On installation, we design the process to match your work schedule with low-risk implementation and, following deployment, have BFC staff trained to provide 24/7/365 customer support available to assist if any issues arise.

Our Approach

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