The BFC Dakota Foodservice Distribution software system has been enhanced to fit the specific needs of our Produce Houses.

Produce is big business in the United States: every year, the industry handles an estimated 6 billion cases of produce. That massive operational scope underscores the importance of reliability in all facets of the supply chain. Not only does it help operational efficiency, it also helps protect both companies and the public: in the event of a recall or similar event, the issue can be resolved much more quickly and with less expense.

The BFC Product Control Module (PCM) is user defined and manages all of the receiving process. From HACCP requirements to temperature and quality control questions the PCM will make sure that all FSMA, PTI, etc. data is gathered and made available with custom reporting.

BFC has produce specific features such as our extensive Repack Module. TruckBuilder® offers add on orders and pre-pick requirements, substitute items options and product traceability, along with extensive code dating capability.

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