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SelectPrime© is an Android based selection solution, providing voice directed commands to guide the Selector through the picking process in addition to scanning for product verification.

Multi &single route modes (11)
Multi &single route modes (10)
Multi &single route modes (8)
Multi &single route modes (13)


  • Improve Accuracy

  • Reduction in Mispicks

  • Scan GS1 Barcodes for UCI Tracked Items to Capture Weight, Date, and Lot Information for Traceability

  • Hands Free Operation

  • Easy Training for New Selectors

  • Eliminate Time to Train Words, Load Operator, Load Task,etc.


  • Easy User Interface

  • Designed for Android Devices

  • Voice Directed Commands

  • Touch Screen or Scan Barcode Options Available

  • Belt Printer (Optional)

    • Auto Assign Transactions

    • Continuous Selection

    • Faster Truck Building Process

Compatible Hardware

  • WT6000 by Zebra

  • WT6300 by Zebra

  • RS5000 Ring Scanner by Zebra

  • ZQ620 Belt Printer (Optional)

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