Users Conference 2021

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Tuesday, February 9th

Innovations Lab

Join us as we introduce great new products, features & enhancements, such as SelectPrime, DockVue and more. It will be a jam packed day and you won't be disappointed by attending.

Wednesday, February 3rd

Tools & Training Session

Following a brief BFC Outlook, including BFC Assist, we will have 3 separate workshop meetings for Inbound, Outbound including TruckBuilder®Prime, and Trax©Prime geared to introduce new tools, user feedback, and provide training. This will be a great opportunity to involve multiple people to ensure attendance in each meeting.

Workshop Sessions:

Inbound - Real-time Cycle Counting - View Recording

Outbound including TruckBuilder®Prime - View Recording

Trax©Prime - View Recording

Tuesday, February 2nd - 1:00pm-2:30pm CST

Addressing New FSMA Rules & BFC Phase 2 Compliance

Join us for the first session of our DakotaOne Virtual Users Conference. Lyle Castle will kick off the session with a BFC Overview and Roadmap for the Future. Following his remarks, we are excited that Ed Treacy will be joining us to discuss the new FSMA rules and address questions. Next, we'll be discussing PCM Prime and BFC Phase 2 Compliance.

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